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Thursday 17th January 2019
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Class Work - Willow - 2017-2018
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  20 Dec 2018
Fabulous Felt Phonecases
This half term Willow has worked tirelessly to make fabulous felt phone cases. more>>
  20 Dec 2018
Hogwarts saves Santa
He Who Can Not Be Named stupefied Santa on Christmas Eve, leaving all of the children in Hogwarts present-less. more>>
  28 Nov 2018
Snappy maths
Willow Class got snappy in their maths lesson last week as they started to investigate angles. more>>
  14 Nov 2018
Willow Class in the Lab
On Wednesday 14th November Willow Class spent the morning at a science workshop at PHC. more>>
  5 Nov 2018
Singing Workshop - Willow Class
On Monday, Willow Class took part in a singing workshop at PHC. more>>
  19 Oct 2018
Willow Don't Stop Believin'
This half term Willow Class has been learning about Rock music and in particular, Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. more>>
  18 Oct 2018
Willow celebrates World Values Day
Willow Class celebrated World Values Day today by thinking about perseverance and what it means to each and every one of them. more>>
  17 Oct 2018
Willow Class Assembly
Willow Class share their knowledge of JK Rowling and of their trip to Warner Bros Studio with the school. more>>
  10 Oct 2018
Willow have a magical day out!
Last week, Willow Class visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour - The making of Harry Potter more>>
  28 Sep 2018
Brilliant Badminton
Coach and ex international player, Anna Collis, has been coaching badminton to Willow Class. more>>
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