A and B netball teams away at Mary Exton

With a feel of winter in the air, both netball teams played away at Mary Exton.

   Once again the Mary Exton A-team had two boys and this really made a difference to the game. It was feistier and the speed of the game was much faster. Mary Exton made the William Ransom girls look rather slow to start with as the ball moved quickly around the court. William Ransom were having to catch up on goals, and improve their marking, accuracy of throwing and use of court space as the game progressed. To their credit they did all that was needed to secure a 5-3 lead at half time and after a rotation, to score two more goals to give them a 7- win.

   The B-team had only one boy to contend with and Bella kept him closely marked in the first half. William Ransom girls had obviously been practising their shooting which is a skill necessary for all players to develop.  With a secure lead at half time the girls secured a 7-1 win after a 20 minute game.

   Well done girls, there is just 1 more rotation for the A-team and then they will have played every position this term. The B-team have 3 more positions each to play. Being able to shoot will influence a place in a ‘rally’ team, as all players will be required to fill a shooting position once if not twice. Goals win games and having the confidence to take the shot near the post is a necessary skill.

   There are still lots of areas that need more practising but they were good wins against a skilled team, well done. Many thanks to the parents for the lifts they provided and their support.