A big well done to the reception children!

The whole school watched the children perform their Christmas show on Wednesday morning and despite being a bit like sardines squashed into just half of the hall they all seemed to enjoy the performance. A great show, despite a few minor hiccups! Their last performance to parents and grandparents this afternoon was amazing!

Despite a busy week rehearsing the children have been doing some other work. In literacy they have been reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson, making their own Stick Man and writing their own story about him. Lots of great talking and some very creative ideas show great promise for some fantastic writing in the months to come. Use the Christmas holiday to practise reading the words on the word grid and seeing how quickly they can find words, as familiarity with this ‘tool’ will save time during writing lessons after Christmas. Why don’t you try writing another adventure about Stick Man. Your child will benefit from using their word book and doing some reading and writing over the holiday.

With the Christmas play ‘done and dusted’ the reception children now look forward to their trip to the pantomime to see Cinderella on Monday morning. Normal school uniform please. Don’t forget a ‘sensible size’ packed lunch in a named plastic bag. One drink only if they have milk and two if they don’t. We aim to have drinks in the interval. We will eat our packed lunch in the theatre prior to travelling back to school.

You should now have the Show and Tell list for next term. Please keep it safe as it is disappointing for your child to miss out on their opportunity to share with the rest of the class. Speaking aloud is a very important and a necessary life skill to practise. I know that everyone has a lovely loud voice to use so please let’s all have something to share each week.

You have next terms spelling list so please keep that safe also.

Next week then, pantomime on Monday. Party Tuesday so please remember what you signed up to bring. A Christmas hat needed for Thursday. Remember if your child has a sibling at the school they can also come in slightly later on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning due to the late nights from the whole school Christmas plays. The rest of the children need to be in school at the normal time. We finish at the normal time on Friday afternoon.

Have a good weekend.