A busy start to the second half of the spring term

Welcome back after the half term break. It is good to see that many of the cold and coughs have cleared up but unfortunately the sickness and tummy bug virus is around. Please remember that schools state that the child must be clear of vomiting or diarrhoea for 24 hours after the last episode, before returning to school. This is to safe guard the rest of the children and adults from exposure and to ensure that your child is fully hydrated and fit enough to return.

We would like to say a big thank you for the money collected during last half term in the money boxes made by the children. Samali will be a happy girl. The children sorted the coins and counted them ready for the bank. They raised £105 between them which is fantastic.

In class this week the children have been looking ahead to the celebrations that are happening next week. The first one that needed some preparation for is of course Mother’s Day. The children learnt about the history of the day and started to make a present! The card was completed as part of a science lesson and mums will find out what we were learning about when they see their cards on Sunday week. The second celebration was St. David's Day which is Tuesday, 1st March. The children learnt about the celebrations that will be happening in Wales and made their Welsh flags ready to decorate the classroom.

In maths taking away was revised. For some children this was done by counting back on number lines and for some with the practical use of equipment. The children also learn about the hands on a clock and what they tell us and what o’clock looks like. They practised drawing the hands for different o’clock times. The following game is fun for practising setting the time and the children can hear some Welsh being spoken! http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/snapdragon/yesflash/time-1.htm

The children learnt all about their ‘wonderful bodies’ in their Understanding the World session (science lesson) and were very good at naming their body parts and in groups labelling a full size body.

Our diagraph this week was ‘oa’ so please practise this one.

Next week in reception we are focussing on fiction and non-fiction books. On Monday morning we are visiting Hitchin fire station to learn about the work of fire fighters and we will read some fiction and non-fiction books on the same theme in the afternoon. Tuesday is interview day for a new reception teacher and in the morning the children will take it in turns to learn through stories presented by the candidates for the job vacancy. On Wednesday your child will need their favourite book (fiction or non-fiction).This book will be used for their ‘Show and Tell’ so they need to be able to explain in some detail why this one has been selected as their favourite. They will need it for their literacy work so please don’t forget. In the afternoon we are going on the train to Letchworth library to learn about the work of our library service and take part in a story telling session. On Thursday it is World Book Day. If your child wants to dress up as a witch or wizard that is fine as we will be writing magic spells and looking at stories with magic as a central theme. If your child just wants to wear a witches/wizards hat and bring a magic wand that is also fine but school uniform must then be worn, not their own clothes. On Friday we will finish off our book week work and have a book quiz in the afternoon.

Have a good weekend.