A busy week in class 5/6A

This week in class 5/6A there have been many things going on such as: interesting talks, fun lessons and lots of Christmas cards have been delivered via the Christmas post box.

The Christmas Post Box

The Christmas post box gives all the pupils a chance to send Christmas wishes and complements. The classes collect the postcards daily and deliver them class by class in 5/6A they have time to open their cards during school time when they are delivered the class that is delivering the cards sing a verse or a remix of a Christmas song such as hams and yams, jingle bells and many more.

“2 minute” talks

The 2 minute talks are when the pupils from the 5/6 classes are given the challenge of presenting a talk of a subject they take interest in, for example: football, cars and many more. Recently the talks have been on magic, bees and HMS Belfast.

Other Activities

This week we have been concentrating on rehearsals for the Christmas play. 5/6A are doing Sinbad the Sailor. During the mornings there have been many test papers instead of the usual maths and English lessons. Recently the 5/6 classes have been learning about word problems in maths and similes and metaphors in English lessons.

Life in the William Ransom Primary School is quite good as Christmas is nearly here, Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Santa Lucia Assembly

On Thursday 12th our Santa Lucia assembly took place. We have this assembly every year and five year twos acted out as Santa Lucia and her helpers. The two top classes then sang a song about Santa Lucia.

The story is about a young Italian girl who lived hundreds of years ago. There were Christians who were forced into hiding because at the time they were being put in prison. They had to live under the ground in Rome in tunnels called Catacombs. There was no food to eat and Santa Lucia found out. She was a very kind girl so she brought them food, but she had no way to carry a candle in her hand as they needed to be free as the tunnels were very dark. Santa Lucia had to wear a crown of candles on her head. She brought them food bravely as she was risking her own life.

The Swedish people were amazed by this outstanding girl so decided to make her their Saint. Each year on 13th December the oldest daughter in the family gets up early in the morning to make cups of tea and special biscuits for the family.

Mrs Hastings comes in to organise the special assembly on 13th December each year. She also bakes special biscuits for everyone to eat!