A fantastic festival of sport for Key Stage 1

The year 5 playleaders ran a day of sporting activity for reception and key stage 1. The children were divided into 10 groups of 12. Each house was represented by a reception child, a year 1 and a year 2. The children moved round the field visiting 10 activities where they competed against their own age group gaining points for their house and stickers for themselves.

By the end of the morning Mars were winning with 88 points, Jupiter were a close 2nd with 86 points, Neptune were 3rd with 78 points and Saturn were only 1 point behind them  with 77 points.

The afternoon activities were slightly more physical but incorporated skills that all age groups had covered in their PE lessons. The final result was Jupiter 1st with185 points, Mars 2nd with 177 points, 3rd was Saturn with 167 and 4th Neptune with139 points.

Well done to everyone for their organisational skills and to the children for their enthusiasm. 'Good Morning Britain' who were in school filming for their Friday program were impressed with what they saw!