A Fiery Dragon

I am standing here in the shadow of a menacing beast. His eyes are filled with rage. I feel paralysed. A huge red creature glares at me with looks that makes me wish the ground would just swallow me up. His ruby-red scales look as sharp as daggers and his jaws seem as big as the stone castle I am standing on. He towers above me, ready to attack and I try to pull my sword out, but it slips in my trembling hands and falls to the ground. I can feel the intense heat of the dragon’s breath on my cheeks. Could this get any worse?

By Chloe

I am standing on the castle wall in front of a great menacing beast. I am trying to fight him while he spits fire and destroys my town a long way below him. I am prepared to fight for my town even though I am scared about what will become of me when I have. In my town below people are running around wildly and screaming their heads off. To be honest I don’t think that will make the beast go away! The heat that was coming off the beast is so intense that everything in front of me has become a heat haze. I feel like I am going to faint from the heat. What happens if I do? What will become of my town? What will become of me? Could this get any worse?

By Annabel

The brave knight in shining armour stood up to the giant red dragon he had to face. The dragon launched itself at the knight.

The knight stayed where he was as the dragon had missed the knight; it had destroyed the part of the ramparts the knight was standing on. The knight was ready to face the dragon’s wrath which most people would have not wanted to face. He swung his sword he had missed but the enormous creature staggered and he thought he had angered the dragon. The agitated dragon lunged at the knight this time the crash of the ramparts concussed the knight he was now dangling off the edge of the ramparts which lead to the other side of the castle walls and withheld invaders of the village.

The knight was a target in plain sight the fiery hot dragon. The dragon lunged for a third time at the knight the knight luckily dodged the attack and swung up.

The dragon was now falling towards the closest buildings towards the castle. The villagers screamed and ran for their lives as the dragon fell and fell closer and closer to the ground.

By Louix ,

I stared into its deep golden eyes as yellow as the sun’s rays. I couldn`t help feeling that I was its prey and was to be swallowed up into its burning mouth. My heart was beating furiously terrified of what may happen to me. This monster towered over me. Its giant head was twice the size of me and in height and three times the size of me in width. The ashes from its breath are dancing in my eyes so I can`t see a thing. I grab my sword and say to myself, “you can do it!”

By Madeleine Waite.

I can feel the heat erupting from the dragon’s mouth as it towered above me. Its razor sharp claws ripped the castle walls down as if it was a castle made of play dough.


I can see a dragon the size of a skyscraper. I can feel the heat of the dragon’s flames as hot as the sun. In the distance I could see a brave knight fending off the dragon with a sword as sharp a butcher’s knife. I could hear the dragon roah as the knight jabbed the sword into the dragon’s chest but that did not stop the dragon. I could see the dragon’s eyes like the flaming balls of the sun. I could hear the screaming of the people down in the village.

By Tyler

I was standing in front of a great beast. I could hear the screams from the villagers’ down below me. I pulled out my sword ready to fight. As I pulled it out the intense heat of the fire pounded at my face. I was staring into it large eyes, filled with fire. I felt like they were always paused and never moved. Its rough skin lit up beyond the flames and it looked as if it were to pounce. I then thought to myself, “Will I survive?”

By Kieran

I was standing looking up at a beast destroying the old castle and there was a brave knight fighting for the village. The beast was made out of lava with sharp horns and claws shouting out loud, it was as loud as a lions roar. The knight picked up his glistening sword I was really scared that the beast was going to dig his sharp teeth into his skin. Should I go and help him?

By Katie

I see a fire dragon. With all of its sharp claws and jagged teeth, he looks like a cave that had been brought to life. His spiky head tears chunks of rock from the cliffs and his eyes, almost laser-like, were burning with flames and embers. His throat was purely molten lava, like it was covering up a missing piece of his body. His ruby scales were as red as the blood on my sword. He was looking at me. He looked livid. He started towards me. I couldn`t do anything, I couldn`t even reach for my sword. I was paralyzed with fright. The dragon pounced…….

By Craig

The smell of fire blocked my nostrils like a cold that won’t give up. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the dragon as it burned my eyes like sunlight. I looked up. There was a petrifying claw racing towards me like a lightning bolt. I finally looked at the dragon. Its eyes and mouth were filled with fire. I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me because he didn’t have any eyes, just fire. When embers shot out of its mouth like bullets in a gun I shut my eyes in reaction to the pain. I opened my ears for the first time. I heard screaming. I couldn’t bare it. I wanted the pain to stop. I’d never been so hot in my life. I picked up a glistening sword soaked in blood. It was then I knew the dragon was looking at me.

By Ethan

I can see a fiery dragon coming out of the ground with shiny red eyes and fire coming out of his chest. I feel like I am just going to get hurt very much. I think my town is going to get destroyed because of this fierce monster.

I am not afraid of anything except for this massive dragon who will always come back to me. Whenever I look at him I feel like I am on fire and his sharp claws are scary as sharp teeth.

It doesn’t feel right to be in this situation and I’ll have to do it for my friends and family. I will try to get all my men to fight this evil dragon who’s annoying me. I will always try my best to defeat this monster on my own to save people’s lives.

By Nathan