A full week of celebrations

The week started with circle time in small groups to give all children the opportunity to talk about their half term holiday. What a lot of exciting things you all did!

Diwali started on November 3rd and the children learnt about this celebration. They made clay divas and Rangoli patterns. They will paint the divas on Monday and then show you the results!

Firework night led us to look at the life of Guy Fawkes and think about fireworks. The children tried to think of words that described the sound of the fireworks and made firework patterns in Colour Magic during their ICT lesson. The children also made fireworks out of junk materials and wrote acrostic poems in groups. Look out for these on our web page.

In maths we revised 2-D shapes and learnt about some 3-D shapes. The children took the cameras and went round the school looking for shapes. They made 2-D shapes with art straws and Playdoh and from rectangles and semi-circles they made cylinders and cones and constructed their rockets. The Polydrons were very useful for making cubes and cuboids. Throughout the activities the children were using the language associated with shapes, for example sides, corners and faces.

PE saw the children start on their four week program of indoor athletics. Using two lessons to practise the four skills they will be ready for the competition in the last week, so look out for the bronze, silver and gold winners. The children will repeat this unit of work in the spring term and try to beat the scores of this term to get a personal best.

The children had obviously been practising their spellings and letter writing at home throughout the week so lots of stickers and house points were awarded today, well done. If you missed out this week then aim for full marks next week.

The children have learnt three diagraphs this week, th, sh and ch and you have some games to play over the weekend. The sound table ends now as we move to consolidate the use of our phonics to read and spell.

Next week we are looking at dark and light as our dark den replaces the farm shop. Don’t forget to encourage your child to finish off their Crafty Crackers and bring them in on Monday.