A High Flying Day for a High Flying School!

After a really busy week we decided to have a different sort of day today and the whole school day was devoted to kite flying!

We started with an assembly looking at pictures of kites and talking about the events of the day.

Then each class were given a box of kites to make and decorate. As you can imagine, they were not as easy as we first thought to make the kites. Many of the teaching assistants who went from class to class were sick of the sight of kites by lunchtime!

The picnic lunch on the field was an added bonus, the kitchen staff all worked hard to make a lunch for all 280 of us!

Other work during the day included poems about kites, kite facts, kite paintings and reading about kites.

Each class were given a time-slot to go out and fly their kites and many learned very quickly to stay away from anyone else and to keep their string short! Staff spent many a happy hour untangling kites!

At the end of the day the whole school went outside to fly kites at the same time – it was a recipe for disaster but actually it turned out to be a wonderful experience!

Thank you to the SPA who funded the cost of the kites!                                             

The whole day was a fantastic success, definitely a High Flying Day for a High Flying School!