A new half term in Oak class

A busy start to a new half term as oak class starts work on the new topic of houses.

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday, was fun with the story of ‘The Runaway Pancake’ and pancake making. The eating of the pancakes added some excitement to the morning and then team pancake races in the hall in the afternoon.

Work has started on making our houses out of clay and drawing them with pastels in the style of Hunderwasser.

A trip to   Letchworth  library on the train and World Book Day were both enjoyable and great opportunities for sharing books and encouraging reading.

Pancake eating
Pancake tossing
Pancake races
The Runaway Pancake
Pig ate the pancake
The end of the story
The floor gallery
On the wall
Sorting the coins
Off to the library
On the station
On the train
In Letchworth
Listening to stories at the library
Exploring books in the library
Back in Hitchin
Work has started on the new artificial grass
Starting on the clay houses
The holiday homework in use!
Our houses in the style of Hunderwasser
Houses in Computing to develop mouse  control