A Smashing Science Week

British Science Week 2019 was a huge success at William Ransom School.


Every class took part in a number of activities from forensic science and fingerprinting to static electricity, water pipe networks, wingless planes and bee dances!


The theme was 'Journeys' to link in with the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel. Therefore the week looked at the journeys in science. 

The week started with an assmebly from Mrs Burr, Science Co-ordinator, who showed the children how strong tunnels are due to their shape. She demonstrated this by piling huge weight on three eggs!  Watch the video below. It is quite egg-strordinary. 

Children went on science walks and collected items from their journey. Year 2 looked at the journey that germs make during a sneeze – yuk! Year 4 looked at how plastic is making a journey into the water system. 

We also welcomed two speakers into school during the week; Rachel Campbell from Clean Up HItchin and Lucie Cox from Morrison Utilities. They talked about the journey that litter can take in harming our environment and the journey that water makes in our local area.


The week was wrapped up with a science-themed achievers assembly. 

Science Week displays showcasing children's work are in the Dining Room.