A Team Netball Rally

A Team Rally

You guessed it…it was on! The team united together on the court as the sky still looked gloomy. The WR A Team were glad the rally was not cancelled, as they had been waiting for this day.

William Ransom walked down to Court 1 where their league matches took place. In the first match it was Whitehill V St Andrews and St Andrews won. In the second match it was Highover V Wilshere Dacre and Highover won. The girls practised their skills from the side-lines in preparation for their first match against Whitehill.

William Ransom did well to play against Whitehill for their first rally match! Despite Whitehill losing their first match against St Andrews, they were determined to win their second match with WR. The WR team were warming up in this match and therefore lost their first match. St Andrews played Highover and St Andews won. Whitehill won against Wilshere Dacre. However WR team still had a chance for the semi-finals, depending on the result from their next match against St Andrews. The girls were aware that St Andrews had so far not encountered a loss and this gave them some hope for the semi-final place…if they proved to play well, as Miss Khela knew they could. The match kicked off and WR were back in action, which was evident from their win. All schools had lost a match and the league could have gone either way…Highover and Whitehill drew, then St Andrews won against Wilshere Dacre. WR were then required to play Highover and Highover were very kind to swap their bibs to avoid the colour clash! WR looked confident on the court and won their match. They stayed on court to play against Wilshere Dacre and won again.

As the girls approached the results table, they were relieved to know that they made it through to the semi-finals against Purwell on Court 2. WR held their own and took possession of the ball. Ellen scored some wonderful shots and she was a real credit to the team!

WR made it through to the finals on Court 1 against Whitehill. They looked nervous but knew they were close to gaining an overall win. WR and Whitehill played brilliantly and the match was a draw. Annabel and Rebecca scored well in the first half, with Lauren D as ‘centre’ who was a strong link in the middle. The shooting was followed up by Rachel and Maddie in the second half creating a consistent approach. It was an overall draw. However to decide a winner, the teams rotated for another match.

Rachel and Maddie were strong in defence in the first half of the extended game. It came down to shooting and the girls were nervous. After a series of attempts, Rhea found her spark again and did well to overcome the pressure! WR were in the lead by the end of the first half. However, Whitehill came back fighting and equalised in the second half. Just before the whistle, Whitehill scored and were the overall winners.

The entire team played incredibly well and all teachers who attened were very proud of the team! Well done to Lauren D, Rachel, Annabel, Ellen, Rhea, Rebecca and Maddie for their enthusiasm and efforts. They did very well to earn second place and it could have gone either way in the final, as both teams were just as good as each other. A huge thank you to Lauren D for representing the team as ‘captain’ and for going that one step further by bringing some morale support of a WR mascot. It was wonderful to see all parents attend and support the team, as well as teaching staff.

Report by Miss Khela