A triumphant win for both teams!

Our A and B teams travelled to Samuel Lucas on Thursday for their matches. As the weather was cold and it was starting to get dark we decided to play rolling halves, with the children rotating during their short breaks in play. 

The A Team made an excellent start, attacking the ball well. Play was fast but passing was accurate and, by using the space effectively, we quickly had the ball under the posts. Our attackers were ready to catch any rebounding shots and try again. When Samuel Lucas got the ball, our defenders intercepted to secure possession and, along with using long passes, ensured the ball was moved back up the court to our attackers.

The B Team also had a superb start. Everyone on the pitch was focussed and determined to secure the ball from the starting whistle. Our attackers fought to lose their opposing partner to ensure they were in a space and very quickly we managed to have a shot at our first goal. As play continued and we started to rapidly lose the light, our defenders marked closely and our attackers slowed play down to ensure passing was accurate. 

Throughout both games our shooters were consistent and very accurate. Isla, Finley, Samuel and Bethia secured the majority of our goals between them. They all focussed on their technique and aim to ensure they added to the score.

On the final whistle our A Team won 18-0 and our B Team won 16-0. Every player on the court had a part to play in achieving these magnificent final scores.

Well done to all involved!