A win and a loss by our football teams away at Our Lady

With our teams somewhat depeleted by other commitments, both football teams had an exciting game away at Our Lady.

The A-team had a lucky start with a great corner from Charlie which the goal keeper misdirected back into his own goal. Our Lady played an attacking first half after conceding and Louix made some amazing saves to keep William Ransom ahead by the one goal at half time. The second half saw William Ransom get into a more attacking form of play and Taylor scored the second goal after trying to take as many touches as he could to try and walk it into the goal. No doubt we will be hearing about this goal for weeks to come!!

Christopher and Joseph were strong in defence as Ben stepped into mid-field and all three boys played some excellent football.Oliver who really started to work hard after half time crossed the ball to Charlie who hit a magnificient goal into the bottom corner. Oliver saw his chance soon after when he took the ball through the mid field and defence players to score a fine goal himself. Unfortunately concentration slipped and Louix was left alone to try and defend a ball which slipped past him into the net.

The final score was 4-1 to William Ransom and we were all proud of the effort and team spirit displayed by all boys, well done.

The B-team boys playing their first competitive match took a while to start playing as a team but their spirit and the way they encouraged one another was great to see.

Tommy took a great corner which we all hoped that Navjot would connect with, but it was not to be! Our Lady came back strongly and managed to put a goal past John who had made many good saves.

After half time John again made some very brave saves and finally a throw from Sam connected with Tom’s foot for a goal to even the score. Tommy who had worked so hard for the entire game took a nasty kick to his toe but battled on. Ross who had faithfully kept in a defensive position was tempted into midfield and unfortunately Our Lady took the opportunity to send John the wrong way and score the winning goal.

Well done to all boys who plyed in the B-Team. Once again you did not fail to support and encourage each other and that in itself is a great strength.

A-Team-Louix GK, Charlie, Oliver, Edward, Ben, Christopher, Taylor,Joseph

B-Team- John GK,Sam B,Navjot,Kieran, Ross, Tommy, Hari, Thomas.