Amazing Maths Day in Beech Class

We had great fun in Beech Class on Maths Day.  First we tried to solve different maths problems and puzzles, such as ‘crack the Code’, mathematical anagrams, joining 9 dots with only 4 lines and finding mystery numbers.  We used calculators to work out answers to sums and when we turned the calculator upside down it spelt a word!  Some children even tried to create their own words!  Afterwards, we used Polydrons to make 3d shapes.  This was tricky finding all the parts needed and fitting them together, but we made some great shapes.

We then went outside to practise our measuring skills.  We measured the play apparatus, sticks, leaves, tree trunks and used a trundle wheel to measure the MUGA. 

In the ICT suite we played fun maths games on the computers testing our adding, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.