An Exciting Writing Day for Class 1R!

Yesterday was a very exciting day in school!  A parachute was found caught in a tree on our school field first thing in the morning.  Mrs Driver decided we should abandon our regular lessons and use this interesting turn of events to inspire our writing.

Class 1R went out to look at the parachute, the two suitcases and the hat that had been left on the field.  They then began to write a recount of all the facts they had been given.  Later on in the morning, two children from each class were allowed to watch Mrs Driver open the suitcase labeled 'Top Secret'.  They found lots of intriguing items such as a cheque for a large sum of money, maps of Hitchin and the school, old photos, clothes, idetity cards and a coded letter.  The children in Class 1R filled in an evidence form and also painted some pictures of what they thought the suspect looked like.

Here are some examples of our work.