An exhausting week in 5/6A

This week has been very eventful once again.

On Tuesday we went to Cadburys World. We had a very early start so we were all very tired on the coach some of us even fell asleep. We had to go to Birmingham so it was a long trip.

When we got there everyone was so excited to see Cadburys world and all its amazing chocolate. First we to a cave exhibition where we met a pirate who told us a bit about him and his ship.

Then we watched a video about bean to bar where we had a rather bumpy experience that made us all jump.

After that we went to taste some melted chocolate with sweets of our choice on top. It was very yummy.

Finally we went to the shop which we all spent a rather long time in. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to eat any till we got home.

After our lunch we went to listen to a talk about how chocolate is made and about how the cocoa beans are grown and produced. We also learnt a bit about fairtrade. We all learnt a lot.

Over all I really enjoyed my time at Cadburys World and would recommend it to others.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Pudsey which was greatly enjoyed by all. Pudsey was lucky enough to get the chance to listen about all our achievers and what they had done. I’m sure Pudsey enjoyed listening about all our achievers as we did about him.

On Friday we had a non-uniform day to raise money for children in need. Everyone liked coming in their home clothes and were pleased to be raising money for children in need.

Finally we had our crafty cone competition. There were some great entries that people were very pleased to win. In the afternoon we found out the winners of each year. Well done to all of you. But most of all, well done to everyone who took part.

Over all I have had a fantastic week.

By Rebecca

This is what Keziah wrote

This week has been a good week for 5/6 A. in maths we have been learning about BIDMAS. We learnt what it stands for and what it meant.

In literacy we have been doing journalistic writing. We had to write a newspaper report about an incident that had happened. We had the incident spoken to us in personal although the people were made up. After that we looked at one report and said what was good and what was bad.

On Friday everyone was excited to find out the brilliant winners of our Crafty Cone competition. Everyone who was able/wanted to take part had the choice of bringing in a 50p to win a fabulous Crafty Cone! Well done to those who won the competition but most of all a very well done to those who took part.