Another ‘hoppy’ week as Reception learn more about frogs.

The frog theme continued for a second week and was central to many of our lessons.

This week fictional stories about frogs dominated our literacy lessons culminating in the children’s first attempts at story writing. You will be able to read these tonight. For homework writing next week we would like the children to write a new adventure for their frog. Write one or two sentences each night carrying on from where you left off. Please encourage your child to generate some ideas of their own as they have had at least eight frog stories this week to inspire some creativity! Please bring the frog story book in each day so that we can see how the story is progressing.

Well done to those of you who have been playing the reading games to practise ‘magic e’. The terminology for this gets more technical as the children get older but at this stage the children just need to know and apply the knowledge that an ‘e’ on the end of a word makes the vowel say its name and not make its sound e.g. cap/cape.

In maths the children all made excellent progress with addition. We also practised looking at 3 different amounts and comparing them using the language of more than, the same amount and fewer than. Most children were secure on saying that 2 sets had the same amount and which set had the most, but practise is required with ‘fewer than’ and comparing to say how many more is needed to make two sets have the same amount.

Art and technology skills have been challenged by the ‘froggy’ tasks this week. The ponds on a plate were very effective. It made the children really look at the shapes of the frog at each stage of its development. The clay frogs are finished and what a lot of tropical frogs we have. The children enjoyed listening to all the varied sounds that different species of frog make.

April 23rd was of course St. George’s Day and having made England flags the children heard the legend of St. George and the dragon and wrote some descriptive sentences about their picture of a dragon from last week’s Show and Tell.

With the availability of a large box, the children made a great fire engine. A siren was recorded on a ‘talking tin and the children had fun pretending that the play house was burning down and putting out the fire.

Next week we look at the life cycle of a butterfly, find out more interesting facts about them and read some stories.

We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs from this week.