Anyone for Tennis?

For the first half of the term of the year, Year 4 were brushing up on both their tennis and hockey skills, but as the weather gets colder, they’ll be moving indoors to work on their dance and athletics.

In tennis, they practised their bat and ball skills before moving on to paired rallies and eventually working over a net to play some mini games. Hockey lessons gave them a chance to improve on their ability to dribble and pass, both stationary and on the move, and they all enjoyed the game activities that put this all into action.

But it didn’t stop there! As part of their home learning, it was suggested they keep active and so some Joe Wicks HIIT activities or Oti Mabuse’s dance classes were two suggestions we gave them. Of course they may have had their own ideas and we look forward to hearing all about how they’ve kept fit in isolation.