Bank Holiday Friday? That’s something different!

I thought I would write to you a day early this week as it is Bank Holiday tomorrow and whilst for many of you it won’t look very different, for some it will be a chance to enjoy the sunshine and perhaps have your own VE Day celebrations. I have been sent some photographs of your VE Day creations but keep them coming, it will be great to have a display when the schools open again.

Like you, we wait with baited breath to hear the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday. It is likely that some aspects of lock down will ease, but will that mean schools will open? Who knows?  I think it quite possible that some people will return to school on 1st June but we are yet to see if we are told which year groups or how it is going to work. What I can assure you is that we will put the health and safety of staff and pupils at the centre of our planning. Social distancing is almost impossible in schools, we simply don’t have the space and even with a very small number of children in school at the moment, they are drawn to one another however much they are told to keep apart.

As teachers we are keen to see schools return to normal, but it will have to be a ‘new normal’ and none of us have any idea as to what that might look like. My only hope is that we are given enough time to plan for the reopening properly so that we can make informed decisions and ensure the best possible scenario for all concerned.

I am excited that William Ransom Radio is taking to the airways once again tomorrow afternoon. The McVeigh family have been receiving requests and shout outs all week and they will be broadcasting again at a slightly later time, 4.00pm – 6.00pm tomorrow, Friday 8th May. I am going to use it as the sound track to me VE Day party on my front drive with my neighbours on theirs!

In the meantime keep safe and well and be kind to one another!

Yours sincerely

Mary Driver