Beech class trip to Affinity Water

Gale force winds, unseasonably low June (ha ha) temperatures and horizontal driving rain did not stop Beech class having a great and educational day at Affinity Water in Bushey.

Before we set out in the elements to pond dip and hunt for mini-beasts, we learned about how much water we use in the UK. We were surprised to learn that average person uses 160 litres of water a day. One of the most in Europe, but half that of the USA. In Uganda they only use 40 litres and that is often dirty, unsanitary water.

We began to understand why being aware about the amount of water we use and reducing that amount is important.

As a half term activity, Beech class had made 'spend a penny pots' and collected pennies everytime they, erm…well..spent a penny!  The class collected £20.18 in total. That's lots of trips to the loo! The money has been donated to WaterAid which aims to deliver freshwater to African communities, particularly children.

In groups the class then undertook our outdoor activities. Although we may have been in the pond at times, the pond dipping was great and the children found lots of different and unusual creatures.

Amongst the waterboatman, freshwater louse, blood worms and pea oysters were beetle larvae and the fascinating caddis fly larvae.

Mini beasts discovered included earwigs, wood louse, slug,s a caterpillar and an enormous spider!  There was rather a lot of shrieking from both boys and girls!

Other activities included making a food chain and discovering who can be to blame for flooding and pollution in our towns.

We had a great day which culminated in being awarded a Green and Gold Certificate for the tiny amount of waste our packed lunches created. Well done Beech Class!