Beech Home Learning 1st-5th June

Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,

Well, I hope you’ve all had a restful half term and you were as glad as I was to see some more sunshine! We’re into a new month on Monday and a new half term so here’s some new work for you…

Maths: Whiterose Maths is covering fractions this week so I have set similar tasks on My Maths if you would prefer to do those. As there is a limited supply of activities on My Maths, it may be necessary to repeat some but even though it will be the same type of questions, the wording and answers change each time. Whiterose sheets and answers attached below.

English: A Plethora of Poems! This week I’d like you to look at a different type of poem each day. There is a PowerPoint below to help you revise some different terms of poetry as well as introduce you to some new ones. Don’t worry about learning all of them, it’s just to start you off and maybe remind you of some things you could include in your work.

  1. Work through the Poetry Terms PowerPoint and then look at examples of poems using the Poetry Detectives sheets. Next read through the Writing a Tanka sheet and have a go at doing your own.
  2. Today have a look at the Rules for Haikus poster and use the My Lockdown Haiku frame to help you write your own. It suggests interviewing a friend which you can do over a video call but I’m sure you know your friends well enough by now that you don’t even have to interview them.
  3. There is a PowerPoint, poster and planning sheet all about Kennings for you to try for lesson 3.
  4. You may notice a clue in the word cinquain to help you with today’s writing. There is a PowerPoint for you to follow and a friendship sheet to help you write one.
  5. Finally, it’s time to have a go at a limerick which originated in the place of the same name and is where my maternal grandparents were from. I have attached a PowerPoint about County Limerick if you’re interested but you don’t have to look at this, you can go straight on to the worksheets. Their names all start with the word Limerick and you can work through them from the instructions/rules to the questionnaire/plan to the rough draft and then finish by using the template.

I have also attached some SpaG worksheets if you’d like to use them. If they have stars at the bottom, this indicates the difficulty level so always look at the lowest number of stars first to help you gauge which is best. Of course, if you wish you could practise with all the levels, but these are not activities you have to complete, they are additional to your English work. There are around 35 sheets so one each day will keep you going to the summer holidays.

Keep choosing different spellings each week to put into sentences, there are spelling crossword sheets as part of the SpaG I attached. Keep reading each day, I’m reading some books I bought home from school to help me with some more ideas for your English in the weeks to come, and of course I’ve been reading the work and emails you send me too.

Foundation: You should still have two foundation subject projects left and there are daily lessons on BBC Bitesize as well as Twinkl, but if you’re looking for more ideas then try one of the DT activities below or look to each other for inspiration. Izzy has been researching, designing and building famous landmarks from around the world, Ryad has looked at his favourite topics of star constellations, the scouts and Switzerland, Zach has been finding out where his favourite footballers are from and creating things with Lego and Oscar has done some science using Skittles. When you do what you love, it doesn’t seem like work at all!

DT: Previously in Beech Class we have made pop up creations, so I’ve added a link below to give you some ideas of how to make your own cards. You could make a different design each day, use the same design but change the topic or maybe you could use paper and create a pop-up book by sticking them together. Take a story you know and love, read a new book to turn into a pop-up version, use your own story that you’ve written whilst being at home or maybe take one of the topics from Science/Geography/History to turn in an information book. There’s also a link below to a video about making simple puppets. The design is for bats, but depending on the colour paper you use, the ears and eyes you add etc. you could turn these into anything. Again, look back at the work you’ve done at home. You could make the animals of the rainforest, the characters from your play or band members to sing any songs you made up.

Pop up card designs

Puppet making

As always, there is no expectation for you to do all of this and print everything off. The documents can just be opened for you to look at and talk through with your children or to copy into books/on to paper.

I’m on email ( and Twitter (@Beech_WR) if you need help with anything. If for any reason you cannot find/download any of the documents below, then please email me so I can get them to you that way instead.

Stay home, stay safe,

Miss Eldridge