Beech Home Learning 8th-12th June

Dear Parents/Guardians and Children,

Welcome to Summer Week 7, although it doesn’t feel very summery right now! Your emails and pictures of your puppets and poems has certainly brightened up my weekend though, that’s for sure! I hope you’re all getting on OK at home and that you’re managing to get out now we’re allowed to see more people and do some new things. What are you looking forward to the most? I for one can’t wait to give my family a hug. I’m also looking forward to the day we can have more of you back at school. In the meantime, here is some work for you to do at home…

Maths: Whiterose are covering some lessons on decimals this week, a couple of which we did in the second week after Easter, so if you’d like to go over these again then follow the link below. If you’d rather do something different then the alternative worksheets are also attached at the end of this post. As always, I will set similar tasks on My Maths if you would prefer to do those, but remember there are fewer lessons on there so you may find yourself repeating some. I have also attached some Classroom Secrets discussion problems that line up with the alternative Whiterose lessons, and two lessons from Summer Term – Week 7 plan.

English: I have found a few lessons from a History unit which I thought you might enjoy looking it. As it’s a History topic, it’s more about discussion and research than lots of writing, but English isn’t all about writing, it’s about speaking and listening too. As some of the links are old/I can’t attach all the documents/some things are group activities, you won’t be able to everything on the PowerPoints but if they give you ideas of other things to do then that’s great. I’ll list some below in the foundation subject section too.

You are living through a moment in history that our generation has not seen before and will hopefully never see again, but some moments in history brought about great change and are worth remembering and learning about. The 60s was a big decade for change and the following activities all centre around things that had a big impact on Britain, and indeed around the world. Some of them happened locally and others internationally, but either way I hope that you enjoy connecting with your parents, and maybe your grandparents, as you look at them.

1. The Beautiful Game: Look at slide 4 and 5, draw the table in your book ready to make the notes and then watch the clip. Continuing through the slides, write about two changes in British football and if you would like to, use the Top Cards activity to help you write up reasons as to what two footballers should go in the hot air balloon. This will involve some research.

2. The Swinging Sixties: Answer the questions on slide 5. On slide 6 use the link about Chuck Berry (the others don’t work) or look up some 60s music clips on YouTube. On slide 7 have a go at the party invitation activity using the music photo pack (the food/clothes photo packs are too large so you’ll have to research these). Do the Motown Home Learning Task and I’ll attach the document about the dance styles too if you’d like to have a go.

3. Wish You Were Here: Start on slide 7, read the information and watch the clip. If you want to, think of some questions for Billy Butlin, if not then move on to then move on to the holiday camp activity sheet. Next, look at slide 10 and answer the questions but don’t answer Billy Butlin’s one. On slide 10, see if you can talk through the missing words and watch the clip for fun.

4. The Gogglebox: Start on slide 4 and use the matching activity sheet. Can you tell what major event is happening in each image? Slide 6, draw a plan of your living room and compare it with what it says on slide 7. Answers the questions on slide 8. Now look at slide 10 and complete a spider diagram like the one on slide 11. Can you put together some arguments for and against banning children’s TV? Slide 13 watch the Apollo 11 clip (the others no longer work) and answer the questions.

5. Technology: Start on slide 4, write down the three words you need to include in your sentences before you start the clip. After watching it once and completing your sentences, watch it again and make more detailed notes. Can you write a description of what you’re seeing? It could be in present tense like a commentary or you could be in past tense explaining how gaming has changed over the years. You may watch the clips as many times as you want. Look at slide 5 and see if you can put the technologies in time order. Check your answers on slides 6/7. This is all you’re doing on this PowerPoint. If you’d like you can now use the technology interview sheet.

Foundation: Here are some ideas linked to the English work above…

Write a report about the 1966 World Cup/Design a football kit for your favourite player/Pretend to interview England’s football captain after the win/Teach yourself some of the 60s dances/Can you find out what the Madison Dance is?/Write an article to report these new daring dance crazes/Design a new album cover for a band from the 60s/Design and make a 60s party menu/Design a 60s outfit for yourself/Create some seaside inspired art/Design and make a picnic to take to the seaside/Mime or act out a moment from TV history to see if your family can guess it/Design a phone for the 22nd Century…

Of course, none of this is compulsory they are just ideas for you to do in the afternoons if you wish, and if you have some ideas for your own projects then please feel free to do these instead. Equally, if you do any writing or maths as part of your own projects, that can count as your English and Maths lessons for that day. The main thing is that you do some reading, writing, spelling and times tables each day and that you do what makes you happy!

As always, I’m on email ( and Twitter (@Beech_WR) if you need help with anything. If for any reason you cannot find/download any of the documents below, then please email me so I can get them to you that way instead. I have done my best to double check the details and links on the PowerPoints as well as attach all sheets so please bare with me if I’ve forgotten anything.

Stay home, stay safe,

Miss Eldridge