In their computing lessons Class 5/6A have been learning all about blogging. They all decided to have a go. They had to think about their target audiences and what message they were trying to get across to their reader. Here are some examples of their work:

William Ransom goes around the world

Wow what busy weeks we have had. One of the highlights was the festival of languages day. Some parents volunteered to teach us about the country they come from and the country’s language.

During the day we got to try some delicious and traditional foods of various countries such as Turkish Delight fro Turkey, Welsh Cakes from Wales and Pizza from Italy. Our favourite was the Turkish Delight! We got to do some Belly Dancing and loved the pancakes in France. It was hard to choose our favourite country because we learnt so many interesting facts and information. We also had to take a passport around with us and fill it in on the countries we visited.

We visited Cyprus, Wales, France, Turkey and Italy. In Wales we learnt a Welsh song which was about a jackdaw.

By Srihan and Yasmin



On Wednesday 8th October the netball A&B team had a home game against Our Lady. It was tough but in the end WR A team won 8-5 and the B team won 6-1. We all enjoyed the game and afterwards we had refreshments in the school dining room and then gave the celebration saying.

The game was very exciting however it was very competitive. The teachers were very good and supportive. And when someone fell over they were very quick to deal with her.

Another game was the match against Whitehill. Sadly the A team lost their game 2-1 but the B team won. It was a very good game.

By Keziah and Gurman


Legacy games 2014

All the year 6’s went to Knights Templar to take part in several different sports. There was design and create, table tennis, sitting down volleyball, wheelchair basketball and so on.

At the beginning there was an opening ceremony and John took part in the torch relay.

Once it had finished we all split into our different sports. At first we were explained what to do and the rules.

In the sport activities we had tournaments and played several short matches. There were a couple of activities like design and create in which they created a sport related t-shirt. All the sports had bronze, silver and gold medals that were handed out after a long tiring day of sports. We managed to win gold medal in table tennis but narrowly missed out in several others.

At the end of the day we had the medal ceremony in which the dancers and design and create people gave a show.

By Sagrika and Namay