Buckingham Palace Blogs

Read some short blogs about our wonderful trip to Buckingham Palace.

The Trip to Buckingham Palace

On the 17th September 2018, Cherry and Chestnut Class went to Buckingham Palace, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s houses. In the morning, Cherry went to the Mews (stables and carriages) and Chestnut went to the main part of the palace. It was an extremely exciting and educational trip.

Everyone had to arrive at school by 7:45 am in time for a 2 hour drive to London.

We learnt lots of facts about the Queen’s coronation and the carriages. We found out that the Queen’s favourite carriage was the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, which even contained electric windows, air conditioning and central heating!

After lunch, we swapped over and Cherry went to the main part of Buckingham Palace, which included the State rooms, such as the White Drawing Room, with a secret entrance behind the mirror and cabinet, the Throne Room, and the Music Room. We also did a little bit of descriptive writing about certain paintings.

By Zachary and Annie



In the morning, Chestnut and Cherry split up to go to the Royal Mews and Buckingham Palace. It was loads of fun.


In the Royal Mews we looked at all the state coaches and the Queen’s favourite: the Diamond Jubilee State Coach. It has air conditioning, central heating and electric windows. We also looked at 2 of the Queen’s horses: Svejk and Firework. Svejk did a deafening neigh and started chewing Firework’s chain. We learnt that white horses are actually grey and they are the only horses that pull the royal carriages.

By Jinying and Anusha