Building work about to start!

Here we are at April 2016!  There are 63 teaching days left until the end of the summer term and then we take in 60 new reception children! None of us can wait until we move into our new building, and we are all much happier now that things have started to happen!

Over half term the work started in earnest and we saw some of the trees around the site being removed. These will all be replaced once the programme is complete. A new path was established around the new mobiles and down to the bottom playground. This will provide access to the field once the fencing is in place all around the site.

We are hopeful that the demolition of the old mobile classrooms will begin over the next few weeks and therefore we wanted to ensure there were no hedgehogs hibernating under them. We contacted the Hedgehog Hospital at Shepreth Wildlife Park and they sent a team of volunteers out with thermal equipment. Fortunately no mammals were found but they helped a group of children put some hedgehogs houses in the nature area.

The last event recently was the arrival of the Site Manager’s office which is temporarily located in the car park. This was the first of the large lorries to deliver and as it arrived on our Egg-citing Writing Day it caused a little consternation!

Hopefully I will now be able to post more regular updates on my Builder’s Blog to keep you all informed about the expansion’s progress!