Butterfly week in the reception class

In class this week the children have been learning about butterflies and waiting for our Painted Lady caterpillars to arrive.

We have read some great stories about butterflies. From the informative Usborne ‘Butterflies’ with its informative website, to the classic fiction text, The very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

This is the Usborne website about butterflies in case you are interested: HERE

‘Ben plants a butterfly garden’ has prompted us to plant some flowers which will attract butterflies.

Our art and technology lessons have been about model making, to show the life cycle of the butterfly and give the children experience of working with different materials such as Hamma beads and paint, collage, wool, pipe cleaners and tissue paper. Our big class minibeast picture has begun.

A big well done to all of the children with their ‘Big writing’ today. There were some brilliant story starts and some children are starting to use some excellent vocabulary. This weekly independent writing has highlighted the target for most children is still to be writing in proper sentences, with a capital letter at the start of each sentence and a full stop at the end. Reading through as they are writing is also a target. In some cases the brain is working faster than the pencil and some stories get repetitive or don’t necessarily make sense when read back.

Congratulations to our achievers this week. Arthur was the first, for his excellent spring picture done with the water colour crayons and Olivia P for the care she took when painting her clay frog.

We have been doing some paper based NFER maths and literacy assessments this week. These tests are done across the whole school and give an indication of how children are performing in some areas of the academic curriculum.

A big thank you to Charlotte’s granny and Mrs Butler who found us some tadpoles to observe. No sign of any legs yet! Next week we are looking at some more minibeasts.

Have an enjoyable weekend and fingers crossed that the rain stays away!