Cadbury World

The 5/6 Classes went to Cadbury World.  Read some of their short reports about the trip.

Cadbury World

On Friday 13th November the 5/6 classes visited Cadbury world  It was a long journey but we eventually got there and it was worth it!

First of all, we queued up to enter the experience and we all got three bars of chocolate; curly wurly, dairy milk and crunchie. When we entered the experience, we could see a rainforest full of pretend cocoa beans, just after that we were given a quiz to complete as we went along and if you put it in the Cadbury letter box we had a chance of winning a prize! While we completed the first question, a man talked about what we had to do.

Next, we walked through into a room and watched a short clip about the life of John Cadbury (the man who invented Cadbury chocolate) and his brothers.

After that, we went through to another 3D clip room when we saw a video about chocolate; it was really good because the seats melted chocolate that was warm, it was scrumptious! We ate that while we watched a lady draw on easter eggs with white chocolate which we saw in the shop.

After that, we went outside to eat our lunches and then we took turns to play in the big play area.

Not long after, we went into a room with devices that showed us how they made different chocolate bars and other chocolate products that Cadbury’s made. We watched how factories produce crème eggs, easter eggs, roses and much more!

Then we walked through the building and stairs and finally came to a massive tub of melted chocolate that was mixed by a machine, As we were walking, we found out facts.

Finally, after walking a while, we came to a chocolate fairy tale ride, which we all went on and enjoyed.

By Anabel and Megan


Our trip to Cadbury World         

On Friday 13th November 2015, the two 5/6 classes went to Birmingham and visited Cadbury World.

Everyone had to be at school by 7:00am so we didn’t miss the coach. We left school at around 7:30am – we were also allowed to pick our partner for the coach trip which was 2 AND A HALF HOURS!

When we arrived, the two classes entered through a big door. Inside the door, was a jungle setting showing Amazon Rainforest Tribes!

Everyone was given a ‘Chuckle’s Game’.  When  we found out the answers to the questions, we scratched out True or False. ( It was really fun!)

We went to the chocolate theatre, to see how Cadbury’s Chocolate production was created. Then we watched a film which was about the story  of  ‘bean to bar.’ It even had special effects and movements.

Afterwards, we went to a cool games room which had interesting facts and videos!(Then we had our lunch!)

After that, we all got a pot of liquid chocolate and two toppings of our choice – they had jelly beans, marshmallows, Crunchie bar sprinkles, popping candy and milk buttons.

Then, we watched a lady showing us how to put chocolate into a mould and how they did it in the olden days.

After, we saw the chocolate getting wrapped up and the factory.

It was a great day but a very long journey home.

By Sophie and Isabelle


5/6 W’s trip to Cadbury’s World

On Friday 13th November, 5/6W and 5/6A went to Cadbury world. We left at 7:30 in the morning to get there as it was in Bourneville, Birmingham. It was a 2 hour drive by coach but it was totally worth it! We arrived around 10 in the morning.

Once inside Cadbury World, we walked into an inside rainforest (which is where cocoa pods grow). We got a sheet of paper where there are questions and you have to scratch out whether it is true or false.  A man explained to us how we use them and then we moved on. There were screens in some places and they showed you little clips of 3D people showing you what life used to be like in Bourneville for the people who worked there.

We went into a mini cinema and watched a 4D movie about how Cadbury’s started and who started it. 

Next we went into another mini cinema where we sat on moving benches. This was a clip showing us how beans go from bean to bar. We were the beans and we got moved, blown and roasted!  After that we went into a room with lots of screens showing how you make several types of chocolate.

We walked to the factory part of the museum and got a cup with melted chocolate and we were able to choose two toppings of our choice!

By Alana and Bella