Catching up!

There has been so much happening in school this term it has been hard to keep the website up to date! However, I thought you might like to see the school in action, using all the new facilities and enjoying our wonderful new environment.

All of the classes are enjoying having space for a range of practical activities as well as peace and quiet for their more academic lessons. All classes have some wonderful new displays up in their rooms and at last we have displays up in the dining room. It does take time to get all of these things done, but it was definitely worth the wait!

There have been lots of positive comments about the new look and it is definitely an imposing building, however, in some way it has made the school grounds seem almost bigger! Now that the turf has been re-laid and all the fencing has gone we can start to see how we can make even better use of the grounds and the nature area in the better weather.

In the New Year we are hoping to start looking at decorations and displays for the blank walls to make the whole building appear more like a primary school. Many of the children have come up with ideas and we now need to start making those ideas become a reality.