Cedar Class invade Mountfitchet Castle!

Cedar Class went to Mountfitchet Castle with Holly Class at the start of this half term. 

The children were exceptionally behaved throughout a long coach journey there and were relieved when they were finally allowed to explore. 

The learnt all about the different sections of the castle and listened carefully to the information given to them. They enjoyed looking at the different weapons and trying out some of the popular fashions of the time – chainmail and helmets! 

The children got to see lots of animals roaming free. They were not so pleased when a baby goat decided he would like to join them for lunch, standing on the bench seats and trying to share their sandwiches! Luckily, a man came with some jingly keys to get him to leave the sandwich eating to us! 

The highlights of the day were soaking the adults with water balloons when using the catapults and sneakily convincing the teachers to stand inside what turned out to be jail. They locked us in for a while but eventually let us go! 

This was a super trip which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!