Celebrating British Science Week

The 5/6 classes enjoyed celebrating British Science Week. The theme was innovating for the future and they focused on homes of the future.

They watched some clips from Back to the Future II and Tomorrow’s World from 1989 where future inventions were predicted. Some came true, like video telephone calls, key-less entry, automatic light sensors and music on demand. Some are still to come…the board that truly hovers and the huge delicious family-sized pizza rehydrated from a small packet.

Following class discussions on future homes, the children designed their own and then set about thinking how to power them and make them sustainable.

On to the fun experiments! The children made batteries from lemons and potatoes and set up their own hydroponic growing systems. Perhaps these will be built into homes of the future.

We were surprised to see that in 1989, the biggest concern was fossil fuels and they predicted that this would have been resolved by now. Sadly not! Some of you may now be asked for solar panels and wind turbines on your roofs!