Celebrations and visiting artists, what a busy week!

With two celebrations to learn about and ‘visiting artists’ it was bound to be another busy week in reception. Monday, the first day back after half term was a time of sharing news, verbally and in our writing. Tuesday was ‘William Ransom Pancake Day’. We followed a recipe to make pancakes, watched the pancakes being made and of course, tasted them. The children listened to the story of ‘The Runaway Pancake and in our PE lesson we had pancake races.

Wednesday and Thursday were great as the children explored their artistic talents! They produced some exciting pictures after meeting 'Rousseau' and being taught how to draw and paint in his style. The colour mixing and the painting was more of a challenge than the drawing but everyone was pleased with the results of their work. They were in the words of our visiting artist 'awesome'.

With a second visit from an artist, ‘Turner’ this time, a few children who had finished their Rousseau pictures tried to reproduce the ‘Fighting Temeraire’.

With Sunday being St. David's Day the children made their Welsh flags and dragons as they learnt through Espresso clips about the celebrations that will be happening in Wales.

Yes we have done some other work! Taking away was revised and they learnt all about their ‘wonderful bodies’ in their Understanding the World session (science lesson) The children at very good at naming their body parts.

Our diagraphs this week were oi/oy so please practise them.

Next week for Show and tell the children are bringing in their favourite fiction book on Monday. They must be able to say why it is their favourite. Please do not forget as our Literacy work is based around it.

Don't forget, no dressing up on Thursday as we are visiting the fire station after lunch. Let's hope it is a sunny day. We will be going whatever the weather so please dress appropriately.

Have a good weekend.