Chair of Governors blog from North Wales

Tuesday morning and we woke to beautiful sunshine.  Well, not all the children actually woke up at 7.30pm, some needed a little persuasion to get out of bed.  A sign of a very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday walking up Snowdon.  All achieved the goal, a fantastic achievement, and it did not rain!  I really enjoyed spending my birthday on Snowdon.  And we ended the day with birthday cake (courtesy of my wife). 

After another fabulous cooked breakfast this morning, we set off for a visit to Carnaevon Castle. Upon arrival we were shown around in groups with tour guides providing excellent commentary and engaging with the children.  They were impressed with the pupils knowledge.  You could tell all enjoyed the experience.  For those not afraid of heights, there was a trip with a member of staff to the top of the castle tower, known as the Eagle Tower.  Great views and fantastic photo opportunities.  Lunch on the grass followed and also the chance to practice sketching skills.  Some great artists in the group. 

After lunch a town trail with questions about the history of Carnaevon, which conveniently meant we ended up on the promenade, where there happened to be an ice cream van!  Although the lady had not been there for the last 2 years, she immediately remembered the school with the red caps. 

The day in Carnaevon ended with a visit to a souvenir shop.   Get ready for the boxes of fudge and fridge magnets!

As the children lined up in the town square to board the coach, a gentleman who was sitting with friends outside a cafe, walked across the square and approached Mrs Driver.  He wanted to say what a pleasure it was to see such a well behaved group of schoolchildren, all dressed in their black hoodies and red caps.   He said they were a credit to the school. 

I would also re-iterate those comments.  For the town trail I had a group of 10 pupils whose behaviour was exemplary and who were fully engaged with the activity.  Indeed, a credit to you, to the school and to Mrs Driver and all the WR staff who have educated these young people over the last 7 years.

As I write this they are having their bedtime drink and listening to another legendary Welsh story, delivered by Mrs Driver in her best Welsh accent!! (The staff fight to see who hides in the kitchen "washing up" whilst actually trying to stifle a fit of giggles).

Tomorrow is another walking day, ending up with a short steam train journey back to The Plas.  Mid week already, how time flies.

Ian Hankin

Chair of Governors