Cherry and Chestnut Home Learning Week 6

Hello everyone,

As you know, some Year 6 children are coming back to school for two days each week.  The work they will be doing is exactly the same as the work on this Home Learning Page so the Year 6 children at home are not missing out on any education.

As always, try your best to do Maths and English every day. Foundation subjects are optional but fun!

If you have any problems or questions, email us but remember we are teaching too now so we may not be so quick to reply.


Your English lessons this week are based mainly on this resource:  Out of the Darkness -Grammarsaurus Home Learning Pack.

Task 1 – Read through the Help sheet:  How to write a blurb.  Then, think carefully about what the story is going to be about.  Who is your target audience?

Task 2 – Read the extract from the book.  Then, follow the instructions on the sheet.  You may wish to use a different piece of paper to give you the space to add enough detail.  Then, Sats Spag booklet 6 Pages 2 and 3.

Task 3 – Reading Comprehension on Out of the Darkness and Sats SPAG booklet 6 Pages 4 and 5.    

Task 4 – Read through the Features of a Newspaper Powerpoint and then write the newspaper article.

Task 5 –  Sats SPAG booklet 6.  Pages 6-10. 

Mrs Mitchell’s Maths Group –

Well done everyone for keeping up to date with the work set: amazing! I thought we’d take a break from MyMaths as you have covered  every topic on there now, which is great work. This week I’d like you to follow the work set by Mrs Wheat from White Rose. Please do let me know how you get on. If you find it horribly hard, please don’t panic but do let me know. Don’t spend more than forty five minutes on a lesson, and stop the worksheet when you can’t do an more as it gets harder and harder. The intention is not for you to finish the whole sheet! Then reward yourself with some TTRockstars or a game from MyMaths. 

Mrs Wheat’s Maths group –

Please continue with the White Rose activities and I will also set you some Mymaths activities.

Mrs Hall’s Year 5 Maths group –

A few people have said that they are finding White Rose a little boring now and some even think it’s too easy.  So I’m going to give you some different options this week.  It doesn’t matter which you choose as it is all Maths and it’s all good practice.  Nearly all of the areas of the Maths curriculum have been covered now and some parts are a bit too tricky for you to do by yourselves at home so we will do those, next year, in Year 6.  Just try to do one Maths lesson per day to keep those super skills ticking over.

Option 1 – continue to use White Rose.  Sheets and video links are here.  This is more revision of FDP.

Option 2 – use The National Academy resource which the government has designed specifically to help children with home learning.  I would like you to do the following lessons.  Please do let me know by Thursday how you find this resource so that I can decide what you should do next week.


Continuing our work on extreme weather, today it’s the turn of volcanoes. Start by looking at this guide:

Now do some research online to find out more about what happened in these places:


Mount St Helens


Mount Tambora

Eyjafjallajokull (yes, that is a real place, but don’t ask us to pronounce it!)

Plot all of these places on to a blank map of the world. You can download one here:

Decide on which of these places interests you and do some research online. Produce a report on your findings. Make sure you answer the 5 Ws: who, what, where, why, when.

As a slight distraction, for the Doctor Who fans, there is an episode entitled  “Volcano Day” set in Pompeii. Here is a clip:


In art in school, we will be continuing our work on watercolour and painting our surrounding landscape. If you happen to have the right equipment at home, then please do the same. If not, then coloured pencils will do. We would like you paint or draw the scene from your window.

If you’re using watercolour, here’s a guide on what not to do:

And here are some useful pointers on what to do:


Please continue with the excellent resource above.  You are now on lesson 5: Invertebrates.  You will need to step outside into your garden or park for this one.  Enjoy!

Macintosh HD:Users:laramitchell:Desktop:grasshead.jpg


We challenge you to make one of these cute little grassheads. All the information you need, including equipment, is on here:

If you don’t have googly eyes to stick on, you could use buttons or just draw some on with a Sharpie. And as we wouldn’t ask you to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves, your teachers are making these at home too!

Year 5 and 6 PHSE

This session is to help you cope with some of the worries that you may have due to Coronavirus.  It has ideas and suggestions to help all of us.

Now create a poster to help yourself and others.  You could even display it in a window or on your front door.  All of these ideas are for children but let’s be honest, most of them will help adults too.  You might be helping your postman, delivery person or visitors to your garden.  Why not send your poster to your teacher?  We can then put them on the Home Learning page.

Year 6 PSHE – We will be using this resource to help you with transition to Secondary School.

Session 1 – Being Awesome