Cherry and Chestnut visit Cadbury World

As part of their geography topic, Cherry and Chestnut Class spent an exciting day at Cadbury World in Birmingham.

Our first stop (after an exciting few minutes in the shop) was to talk about the process – 'From Bean to Bar'. We learned all about how farmers in Ghana grow and harvest cocoa beans to be used in Cadbury chocolate. We heard about the journey from Africa to the factories in the UK and the process by which all the ingredients are brought together to form the chocolate bars we know and love.

After lunch and a trip to the 4D Cinema (very exciting) we made our way through the exhibition which tells the story of chocolate – how it was first enjoyed by the Aztecs in South America and then brought over to Europe to be enjoyed as a hot, bitter drink. We then learned about the Cadbury family and how they created their own drinking chocolate and, in turn, chocolate bars.

To round off our trip we went on the Cadabra ride – a highlight for many!

All in all we had a fantastic day – Plenty of learning and plenty of chocolate!