Cherry Class become ‘Mathemagicians’!

On Tuesday 11th of October the school held Maths Day! Not only was it educational but fun too.

Our favourite session was the paper aeroplanes. We made a symmetrical plane and then drew a symmetrical design to match. It was great fun and a perfect way to practice symmetry. After we made this we flew them in the hall and ours flew 7.20m!

By Finley M and Sophie P


On Tuesday 11th October, William Ransom had a Maths Day. We had so much fun! In Mrs Wheat’s maths group we played a times table game. Before assembly Professor Poopenschtinken came to Cherry Class and showed us maths magic. After lunch, Cherry made paper aeroplanes and measured how far we could fly them. I got 6 metres and Ethan got 7 metres 30cm. It was really fun and I would love to do it again.

Ela S and Ethan


Cherry Class have had a magical maths day filled with fun as well as learning many math tricks. Such as, the ‘Times by 5’ trick. We were taught by Professor Poopenschtinken who was clearly a math genius!

The Year 5’s did a Sudoku which tested their brains and knowledge and the Year 6’s played games which included times tables, division and number bonds. Altogether, everyone had an amazing day!

Lara and William


On Tuesday William Ransom School had a Maths Day and it was great fun. Leila said, “I loved it so much. “

First, year 5 played Sudoku with Mrs Mitchell and then Professor Poopenschtinken came in and did some stunning maths. In the afternoon we made some paper aeroplanes and went the hall then we tried to throw them as far as we could. The whole day was awesome and we would love to do it again.

Leila and Wyatt


On Tuesday the 11th of October our school was lucky enough to have a Maths Day. In the morning, Miss Ayliffe’s maths group played some fun maths games such as dominoes, Ludo, Trio and card games. In the next lesson we were lucky enough to have Professor Poopenschtinken from Magical Maths come in and show us some magic maths. He showed us a trick for squaring numbers ending in 5. I already knew the trick though. He read our minds as well. In the afternoon we made our own paper aeroplanes and flew them down in the hall. Mine didn’t fly very far. Our maths day was really good.