Children in Need and more…

Members of the School Council have been busy at their meetings this half term, making plans to raise money for Children in Need amongst other things.

Children in Need is on Friday 13th November this year, but the School Council are holding their cake sale on Thursday 12th November.  If you are able to donate some cakes for this very worthwhile cause, we would be extremely grateful. Please bring any donations to the office on Thursday morning.

Earlier this term, members of the School Council agreed to join forces with 'The Orbit' to use some of the money raised to subscribe to the children's weekly newspaper, 'First News'. There is now a copy in each Key Stage 2 Class every week. These are not only being read by the children, but also used for some Literacy activities and the subscription has been widely agreed to be a huge success. The School Council have, furthermore, decided to become involved in the 'Stamp Out Bullying' initiative which is being run by the newspaper.  On Friday 20th November at 11am, the whole school will assemble on the playground to stamp their feet as loudly as they can in an attempt to 'Stamp Out Bullying'.  Year 6 members of the School Council are organising an assembly on Monday to talk to the school about bullying and to introduce the 'Stamp Out Bullying' idea.

Last, but not least, the School Council are looking forward to running their stalls at the Winter Wonderland this year on Saturday 21st November. There will be a chance to win some 'treasure' by guessing where it is hidden on the map, and to win a Minion by guessing the correct birthday!