Choir make their mark at Hitchin Festival

On Monday 30th June, Miss Ayliffe took a group of children to perform at the Hitchin Festival. They arrived at St Marys Church in the early afternoon along with four other schools. The other schools were: Offley, Whithill, Ickleford and Samuel Lucas.

First the schools practised the joint songs. These were the songs sung by all the schools. Some of the joint schools songs were: Rock around the Clock, Stage Fright, Pop Idol, In the End and Viva la Vida. They all sang amazingly!

Next they sang the individual songs. The other schools sang fantastically, but William Ransom was by far the best! They were just FABULOUS!

The night came and the children arrived ready and raring. William Ransom was the last school to perform and they did so fantastically. The effort they put in was outstanding. The first song the pupils sang was called The Circle of Life. All was well until the last three lines when the CD packed up and the students had to wait till the song finished. Because it was the real concert the choir were not allowed to re-start the song. If only it happened in the practise! The next two songs, Grasslands and Just Can’t wait to be King, ran smoothly.

Finally they sang the joint songs. The concert was a great success!

By Isabelle