Class 1/2’s Great Fire!

After a long half term, we finally made it to the last week. We have been looking forward to this week but there was still a lot of work to do. In maths we continued working on our addition and subtraction, using resources to help us.

In Literacy we have continued to use information books to find out facts. We looked through lots of books, using the contents and index pages to help us find out about Polar Bears. We also read some fiction books to give us extra information about Polar Bears and our favourite was Michael Morpurgo’s, The Rainbow Bear.

In phonics we have been practising the “oy” digraph and we have played a new game to help us with our phonics. The buried treasure game helps us to find real words and alien words.

On Friday we finally got to have our very own Great Fire of William Ransom. This was so exciting and we had so much fun. Before we started our fire we all had our pictures taken with our houses. The houses were then stuck together to show how close the houses were during The Great Fire of London. After lunch we spoke about all of the facts we could remember about the fire and then we spoke about how to stay safe when we are watching the fire. We know that only an adult was allowed to start the fire and that we needed to have a fire extinguisher.

After we were all standing far enough away from the houses, Mr Burrows started a fire in one of the houses. We all then got to see how the fire was able to spread. As the houses were so close together the fire was able to spread very quickly. Some houses fell onto other houses and spread the fire; this showed us how The Great Fire of London was able to destroy so many houses. After we had seen the fire we went back inside and finished of our newspaper articles to tell the rest of the school all about our fire. To see our fire, click the link below.