Class 3 / 4 are bright sparks!

After making a number of prototypes, today class 3/4 finished making torches of their own design. Some were designed to be worn on their heads, others were lanterns or bottle torches.

First the children thought about the design specifications of their torch. Would it be for a climber, dog walker, camper or policeman? Does it need to be strong, light, small or big?

After the design brief, the children had to start construction whilst also considering how the circuit would fit within the finished product. Did they want the battery visible? Does the torch need a reflector? Which switch would be best?

The children did an amazing job of getting the torches finished in time. Our thanks also go out to Mrs Butler, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Grundon’s whose wiring skills are now fine tuned!

Now all the children can effectively wire a circuit with a cell, light bulb and switch. A massive achievement in a few weeks. Well done Class 3/4.