Class 3/4 turns into a Gurdwara for the afternoon!

Today the mobile classroom was turned into a Diwan Hall in a Gurdwara with a raised platform (Tahkt) and canopy (Chanani) for the Sikh's special book.

Firstly, the children had to cover their heads, take off their shoes and socks and wash their hands so they were prepared to enter the hall.

Next they walked towards the Guru Granth Sahib (special book), bowed in respect and made a small money offering.

The boys and girls sat on different sides and listened to the Granthi chant the scriptures. Whilst listening they each received an offer of Prashad, a blessed food.

Finally, to show the Sikh belief in equality and community the children attended a Langar (meal) in the dining hall, serving vegetarian food.

The children really enjoyed the experience and learnt lots about the Sikh religion.

Thank you to Mrs Kumar for the Parshad.