Class 3/4 visit Pizza Express

The school trip to Pizza Express was exciting. We walked to the town centre to play some games while we were waiting for them to get ready. Then we went to the library because we had 15 minutes left.

We walked back to Pizza Express and after being given a Pizza Express hat, the chef gave us the base of the pizza. We had to push the dough to the side of the tray. After that the chef gave us some tomato sauce and we had to shake the sauce to cover the whole base. Then we added on the cheese.

We then waited for it to cook. We went to look at the oven. You could feel the heat as the oven cooks at 370 degrees!

We watched the chef flipping and spinning the pizza bases in preparation for lunch.

Soon the pizzas were ready, they were put in boxes and we went back to school. We really enjoyed the trip and enjoyed taking home a whole yummy pizza each!

By Archie and Luke