Class 3/4 visit Ramgarhia Gurdwara

Children in Class 3/4 had a really special afternoon when they visited Ramgarhia Gurdwara in Bearton Avenue today.

The first excitement of the afternoon was that everyone had to cover their heads as a sign of respect in the Gurdwara and apparently on the walk into town as well!

The children were asked to take off their shoes and it was explained that in other areas of the world, Sikhs would wash their feet and hands to cleanse themselves before worshipping, but our children were scrubbed and polished well.

As we all entered the main hall, we had to give an offering of a coin and kneel to show our respect to the Sikh’s final Guru, the Guru Granth Sahib which is their holy book and takes pride of place in the room.

Then we all sat on the floor whilst Mr and Mrs Sahota told us about the gurdwara, how people worship, what they worship, when and also explained some of the history of Sikhism and its symbolism.

It was a really informative talk that explained who founded the religion, who continued it and why their holy book is so special.

As a real honour, we were then allowed to look at the Guru Granth Sahib as Mr Sahoto waved the chauri over it.

Back downstairs we staged a mini langar (communal meal) with some Indian snacks.

We had a great afternoon. Thank you from Mrs Burr to the adult helpers who helped to frog march the children up and down the hill!