Class 3/4s day out to Natural History Museum – Tring

Pupils from Class 3/4 write about their exciting day out. 

On Wedneday we went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum in Tring. We set off straight away when we got into the classroom. We brought packed lunches, coats and water bottles. Then we got into partners and set off for the museum. It took 45 minutes to get there and it was very noisy.

When we got there we went to the loo and then got into groups. There were 5 adult helpers. We went in to a room to put our coats and packed lunches and water bottles away and then went into the museum.

Inside there were columns of animals and different types of them. There were  birds and monkeys and bears and dodo's, which are extinct. We learned loads as we found loads of birds that we didn't know.

Next we went to a room and someone told us about who had owned the museum and its history. Then she let us hold some skulls and we had to guess what animals they were and it was tricky!

Then we had a challenge. We had three pages of questions to answer while looking around the museum.

We also had lunch and got to play in a large field. On the coach on the way home I played a little and had a little nap. I had a great day!

By Joseph

Our trip

Once we got off the coach, we went to drop off our packed lunches and then we went to the museum for a look around with our group leaders.

We looked at things from tiny birds to gigantic lions. After that we went to have a talk from a lady named Amy. Then we went to have lunch and then we went to a park. To get there we had to go over a bridge. After that we had a worksheet to do. There were 6 galleries and we worked in all of them.

On level 1 there were bears. On level 3 there were sharks. On level 4 there were horses and level 5 there were deer. On level 6 there were dogs.

Finally we had finished. We got on the coach and went home.

By Evelyn