Class 3/4’s Poetry Assembly

This morning Class 3/4 donned their ‘rapper’ outfits and hosted an assembly showcasing their own poems and some poems they have been studying.

Our class assembly (in rhyme – mostly!):

Recently in literacy we have been looking at poetry.

We’ve looked at poems with a shape – like thin or wide.

And written poems with which we have taken pride.

We’ve counted syllables – that’s like a beat

Making the lines add up is quite a feat.

The most famous ones are Japanese and they are called Haiku’s.

A pattern of 5-7-5 – but don’t let that frighten you.

They can be about any subject and can be short or tall.

We wrote triptych ones – three verses in all.

Acrostic spells a word out in capitals down the side.

They are written in a theme by which all words must abide.

List poems were fun – we liked the one by Wes Magee.

His had some clever rhymes – a bit like reggae.

We wrote our own list poem about chocolates and sweets.

It was great fun listing our favourite treats.

Some of them rhymed like Tic Tac and Kit kat.

Some were more tricky like Double Decker and fruit pastilles – drat!

Some poems are written to be read out loud.

The poet wants you to join in, be part of a crowd.

Did you know RAP means rhythm and poetry.

So Dizzee Rascal and Jay Zee are poets, globally.

Our favourite you’ve heard at the poetry recital.

But we’ll do it again as it’s so vital!

Poetry doesn’t have to be serious – it can make you chuckle.

Here’s one about an iguana in a bit of a kerfuffle.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our poetry assembly.

And about Class 3/4 you’ll be complimentary.

Sit down sometime with a paper and pen.

And perhaps you could be a poet, like us, every now and then.