Class 3’s visit to The Fitzwilliam Museum

As part of our History work this term, Class 3 visited the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to view their Ancient Egyptians galleries and take part in an art workshop.

On arrival we were greeted by Lucy, one of the museum’s curators, who took us to the galleries and spoke to the children about different aspects of Ancient Egyptian life. In between they were set off on ‘explorer tasks’, investigating the wide range of artefacts the museum holds.

After lunch (and the all-important trip to the museum shop) we all descended into the studio to begin an art workshop. Ian, Nathan and Alison led the children through the process of clay modelling to create their own canopic jars. The children thoroughly enjoyed getting mucky with the clay and being able to personalise their jars.

It was a great day and the class enjoyed being able to share what they have already learned as well as finding out new information about the Ancient Eyptians. The canopic jars are currently in the process of being painted and varnished and will appear on the website soon!