Class 4/5 had loaves of fun in DT this half term!

This term Class 4/5 have been making bread in their DT lessons. The unit began with the all-important tasting session and each week they’ve taken in turns to make their own loaves. When they weren’t making bread they were taking part in activities about bread.

The first whole class activity was a test to see if they knew where certain types of bread came from in the world. They then taste tested several different types noting down their appearance and texture before biting into it to see what they thought of the taste.

Next session a group was chosen to go and make their own loaf of bread, while the others in class read about how bread gets from a seed to our plates. They had to make notes and condense the information down so it would fit into six steps with some diagrams. Other weeks they had to design an entirely new bread product, along with its packaging and also looked at putting a party together, costing up how much they would need to feed all their guests.

It’s fair to say this is probably one of the tastiest projects we’ll do this year!