Class 4/5 had loaves of fun in DT this term.

In Design and Technology this half term, Class 4/5 have been looking at bread.

The first session was one of the most popular as it was all about eating bread! They tried several different types of bread, noting the appearance and texture of it before jotting down what they thought about the taste.

Then in the weeks that followed, they took it in turns to design and make their own loaf of bread. Whilst they were in the classroom they were working on other activities such as writing up what happens between the seeds growing and the bread arriving on your plate at home, conducting a survey about bread and planning a party and costing up the food shop. The final task was to plan an entirely new bread product and draw up the design for the packaging.

I think it’s fair to say this was one of our most enjoyable (and tasty!) topics this year.