Class 4/5 show some compassion at Easter

Miss Eldridge set up an Easter egg hunt as part of our egg-citing writing day and let the children keep the Kinder Eggs they found. It was all part of an Easter project to decorate the eggs whilst raising some money for Compassion, the charity through which the school supports two children in Africa.

The children were asked to decorate their eggs in whatever way they chose, and if they wanted it entered into a competition, they were asked to make a contribution of their choice to Compassion.

Each design is unique, even those that picked the same thing to do, incorporated it in a different way. See if you can spot the differences between the R2D2s and the bumblebees. Some chose to turn the eggs into their favourite characters like a minion, Homer Simpson and Mike from Monster's Inc. while others chose to create animals with theirs or simply add a funny face to it. A few even added to the egg itself by sticking things to it, adding a background or making something for it to sit in/on.

It was a creative way to raise some money and all came out of a fun activity as part of our writing day.