Class 5/6M Bake Hamantaschen

In Religious Education, we have been looking at the story of Esther, and also how the Jewish Religion celebrates this with the festival of Purim.

As part of the festival, Jews make Hamantaschen which are a type of fruit filled ‘biscuit’. The word Hamantaschen is a Yiddish word which means ‘Haman’s pockets’. Hamantaschen are also called ‘oznay Haman’, which means ‘Haman’s ears’ in Hebrew. This name comes from the old practice of cutting off criminals’ ears before they were executed by hanging.

Although it might look a little manic in our photographs, with the help of Mrs Grundon, Mrs Parsons and Mrs Mills, we did all manage to bake at least three. They didn’t all quite look ‘perfect’, but the sentiment was there!